Our Story

edgy zenny was born of a passion for the creation and curation of art, prints, colors, sayings and slogans that enliven, inspire and unite our dual natures. Knowing that even though the more edgy sides of ourselves like kicking down the walls of old paradigms, we also do cherish those times when we can regroup, integrate and tap into our more zenny side. Since we need clothing, accessories and home stuffs to do so, it helps when they reflect how we're feeling on any given day. So voilà! Our raison d'être.

Hurray for technology! We are able to achieve our dream of owning a shop filled will all of our imagination's desires with the help of partners who custom-make our high-quality products from materials sourced and produced (locally as much as possible) in a way that is as respectful to the environment and their teams as possible...and this is an ever-evolving goal.  

We're effervescent with ideas and enthusiasm and look forward to adding new items to our collections every week...even several times a week. So please stop by often, subscribe to receive news of our latest offers and additions and spread the word.

Love and light, 

edgy zenny xo